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les accents et MS Word

Page history last edited by Don Doehla 7 years, 9 months ago

MS Word and Accents in French


In MS Word, you can insert accented characters such as these…


« à â é ê è î ô œ ù û ç Ç »


You do so by selecting Insert on the tool bar, then Symbol. When the character box appears, select the character you want, then click Insert and Close



alt a = à

alt s = â 

alt w = è 

alt e = é

alt r = ê 


alt i = î 

alt o = ô 

alt p = œ 

alt u = ù 

alt y = û 


alt c = ç 

alt x = Ç 

alt g = « 

alt h = » 


The tréma accent (¨) is rarely used in French – I just do the insert, symbol routine for these words.




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